September Is Self-Improvement Month!

Happy Friday, readers and writers! Today is going to be a great start to a wondrous weekend:) I can feel it, can’t you? So, I have special treats in the works for upcoming author spotlights, but, today, I want to share one of my favorite motivational authors who inspired my work, my dreams and helped to settle my nerves when I went to apply for my driver’s test years ago as a young wife and mother- It was Norman Vincent Peale’s words of inspiration; You Can If You Think You Can.”

th norman vincent peale

Long before there were such awesome motivators like Les Brown, Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Randy Gage or Dr. Phil and Oprah, there was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and his great book, The Power Of Positive Thinking. I’m sure there were other successful visionaries before Norman Vincent Peale, but, for me, during that time, he became the mentor in my head, by way of positive motivation, inspiration and spiritual lessons.

All of his books, including The Positive Principle Today and Enthusiasm Makes The Difference comes in eBook format and as CD selections. I prefer Print and CD’s because I find them to be meaningful and great inspirational Christmas gifts.

th norman ebook

Now for a bit of great news that I learned about while out for vacation: My own inspiring words for entrepreneurial women are among the pages of the 2014 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar. It’s seem a small thing, but, we were assured that it is, indeed a big deal because only 365 selections were chosen from a hefty pool of 5000 entrants, so I’m proud to be one of the lucky ones:)

238 calendar

What self-improvement guru/author/book influenced you to keep-a-going on your writing journey? Please share.


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