A Review of Numen Yeye by Abiola Olatunde

Where did May go? Happy Friday, everyone! It’s like the wheels of life is turning at warp speed:) Only a week ago, the excitement of my granddaughter’s Prom was the topic of conversation in my world and now, we’re gearing up for her HS graduation! Anyway, I’m still finding time to read and review great art from awesome authors for you guys and I might add, yours truly is being inspired and motivated to do more storytelling of her own! More about me in upcoming posts.

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I’ve just had the pleasure of reading Numen Yeye, a speculative work of fiction by Nigerian Novelist, Abiola Olatunde. The story centers around Numen Yeye, a Princess in the Kingdom of Light who must come to the human world to serve as their guide against the evil darkness that threatens to consume their light. In order to help these unaware humans and dispense of several dark foes( including a grandmother) Princess Numen’s spirit will live through the earthly body of a young girl named Ife.

As an earth mother withdraws and questions who this all-knowing child is; a father accepts and says very little. Amid accusation, polygamy, rituals; husbands with many wives; wives and jealousy, anger, suspicion and dislike, lies the fabric of life meaning within the workings of this book.

The author paints a beautiful canvas of richness and wonderment for the reader as we are led to explore the traditions, cultures, customs and religions of a people.

While the story is fiction, Nigerian culture is the backdrop as civilization comes to the forefront and antiquated teachings of myths, misconceptions and witchcraft is pondered. I truly didn’t know what to expect from reading this book. But, in the end, I feel it’s a testament to ones’ own spiritual interpretations.The book is over 200 pages, but, I believe it’s a worthy read.

And just to show how much I appreciate my readers?

I will have this wonderful prolific poet, writer, screenwriter and Novelist as my guest next week!
Can you believe she’s written over 200 stories for television and radio plays, in addition to anthologies and her novels? I will definitely ask her about this awesome feat in our one on one!

If you’ve read Numen Yeye, please share your thoughts with us. To pick up a copy of Abiola’s book, go to http://www.amazon.com/numen-yeye-ebook/dp/BOOA1o22EM

6 thoughts on “A Review of Numen Yeye by Abiola Olatunde”

  1. Clara, this is a great review. It’s opening a door to a culture I know nothing about. I’m going to click on your link and take a closer look. Thank you for this interesting piece of information!


    1. Hi Audrey! It’s a pleasure to hear from you. I’m learning so much from many different authors spotlighted here. You will find Aboila’s novel very informative and enlightening at the same time.She will be here next week, so have your questions ready. I’m so waiting to hear good news about Learning To Fly and that movie deal of yours as well:)



  2. I wish I had a movie deal Clara! Still we can keep praying can’t we? There’ll be a free KDP day next month, just in time for summer. I’ll let you know when that is. The next book coming out is Heart Bones, which is at the editor’s right now. I’ll keep you posted when it launches and hope you like it.


  3. Prayer definitely works, Audrey. So, I’m rooting for you!. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Heart Bones sounds intriguing:) Got to download your subscriber’s gift. Will read “Sometimes Words Help” on my next ‘me’ time break.


  4. Thanks so much Clara for reviewing my book. I stepped out from forest chore, the smoking pot and the wind in my eyes, the drums beat a tattoo and its rhythm said a thousand sighs from my hut someone has read my book. May the wings of the morning flap sunshine on you . thanks.


    1. Biola, I don’t doubt for a minute that your book will garner many such readers! Thanks for the opportunity and for agreeing to our interview coming up on June 7th. I also gladly accept and embrace your poetic offerings ‘wings of the morning flap sunshine on you’ beautiful!. And you should add teacher to that incredible list of creative gifts:)

      Blessings & abundance!


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