A Sneak Peak At My “Mystery” Guest

Hello to all of my Wednesday Children! How many of you love a good mystery? I’m talking, Sherlock Holmes, Ironside, Ellery Queen, Perry Mason, Columbo, Murder She Wrote or even “Bones” if that’s more your speed? I realize, these are based on television characters, except for Sherlock Holmes and I have read some Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clarke and a bit of James Patterson ‘Whodunits’as well.

Reading a book in this genre is a heck more easier than actually sitting down to write one, so, I’m taking the easy and enjoyable route on the matter,by reading “MURDER AT CASTLE ROCK” and bringing you guys the author of this great novel on Friday! How about that? You’ll want to hear from my guest, Anne Marie Stoddard on the ins and outs of becoming a Mystery Author. I’m paraphrasing a quote I read from another writer, stating how “good writing stays in your mind’ and let me assure you all, Murder At Castle Rock, will follow you in your sleep 🙂


You know why I love the shift here at Clara’s Writer’s Forum? ( not really a forum-‘forum’) Because I get to meet & greet so many wonderful writers, authors and lovers of the “Story” and I’m continually inspired to work on my own projects- maybe a tad slower:) but loving the ambiance where there’s a gathering of storytellers. Come on back here on Friday and help me welcome another great author…you have nothing to lose and who knows, you might gain valuable pearls to penning your ‘Mystery’…

Are you a writer or reader of the Mystery? Do you love keeping your readers guessing?


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