An Interview With Romance Novelist- Kwana M. Jackson


I recently read the steamy romance novel, Through The Lens and knew I had to talk with the author about her new, saucy release. Please join me in welcoming Ms. Kwana Jackson to Clara’s writer’s forum.

Kwana, welcome. I really enjoyed reading Through The Lens, your new release. Before we get to your novel, please share a bit about yourself.

Thank you so much for having me here today. It’s a great honor. I’m a born and raised New Yorker and former fashion designer, mother of teen twins and am now a full timed writer.

Please share some of your prior works.

I’m proud to say that Through The Lens is my first publish work. That said it’s the first of a 3 book series out from Crimson Romance. My next work, still set in the creative romance world will be out at the end of May and just in time for summer beach reading.

What led you to the romance genre?

I’ve always been a fan of woman’s fiction and romance. Some of my favorite authors, and these are just a few, have been: Jackie Collins, Terry Milan, Helen Fielding and Danielle Steele. Being a New York city kid I’d read romances on my long train commutes to and from high school.

Readers of Through The Lens will get swept away to some exotic island to live vicariously through your protagonists and some steamy makeout sessions…were you concerned at all about how women of a certain age might react or was age demographic not a factor?

LOL. Oh now what would you consider women of a certain age? Really, I’d love to know in the comments what readers think that certain age is . I think that would be a fun survey. I happily give the credit of my love of romance to my mother and my grandmother who always seemed to have a new romance novel around the house and these were not the tamest of books either. I think women of any age (as long as it’s a legal age) could enjoy Through The Lens.


What advice would you give the millennial who might have a passion for writing the romance, but, fear rebuttal or embarrassment ?

I do understand some having that fear, I sure did. It seems romance is, sadly an easy genre to make fun of, despite the fact that it’s been documented that it’s the best selling genre in the industry. This gives me great pause and makes me wonder why is it so singled out and put down when others are not. Could it be because it’s a genre primarily dominated by women for women. I don’t know, but still it’s something t be considered. That said, I don’t know what to tell folks besides follow your passion and do what speaks to you. You can’t work to please everyone, only yourself. As for me, I try and do the best work that I can each time and write a story. One that in the end makes my heart feel good and if I can make another person happy with that story then I’m done my job twice over.

Would you ever use a pseudonym?

That’s funny. K.M. Jackson actually is my pseudonym, but I’m horrible at secret keeping and in this Google day what’s a secret anyway? It all comes out in the wash so I kept my long standing website figuring folks would somehow marry the two.

Tell us about your next project and where readers can grab a copy of Through The Lens.

As I said Through The Lens if the first in my Creative Hearts series for Crimson Romance. My next in the series which is tentatively titled: Still Life will be out at the end of May. It’s the story of Samara, a bad girl New York socialite and artist with a dark past who falls for her new neighbor, Mark Thorn who has an equally dark past that he’d rather keep secret. I can’t wait for everyone to meet the two of them.
As for where you can find Through The Lens it’s available in ebook and in print at all your favorite e-tailers:
Barnes & Noble
And I can be found on my website
On Facebook
And on twitter

I really appreciate having you here, Kwana. Thanks for sharing your ‘romance’ author insights with us.

Thank you so much once again for having me.

I’ve read many romance novels. Through The Lens did not disappoint the romantic in me:) Have you written a romantic short story or novel? Please share your experiences with us on the forum.


15 thoughts on “An Interview With Romance Novelist- Kwana M. Jackson”

    1. R.T., I agree! It was a pleasure having Kwana respond to my’fan’ questions:) I enjoy hosting writers and authors of all genres here. It’s all about the connection through story.
      Please stop by anytime to comment, or, to share writing news with us.



  1. Very nice interview, ladies! Kwana, your idea that romance is ridiculed as it is largely by women and for women is interesting. And I agree with you whole-heartedly; you have to follow your passion in life. It is the only way to be happy, no matter what that passion is. If you are passionate about being a good waitress, a good baker, a musician, whatever, you should follow that and be the best that you can be in your chosen field. We should always be learning and growing on our journey, too. I also like how you said that if you pleased a reader then you did your job twice over, in pleasing yourself and them. Nicely worded!


    1. Welcome M. J.

      I wanted “truth” conversations between writers on the difficulty of putting our creative endeavors out there for ridicule or acclaim. It’s nerve-wrecking trying to stay true to your art, while wondering how your audience person might react. Who are we truly writing for? I’d like to think for ourselves first and for our readers…a very close second:) I appreciate Kwana’s honest responses.Maybe they caused another creative interested in this genre to go “aha!”


      1. That is the really difficult part! You bare your soul and then have to listen to the response from readers. And even the best writers have their detractors. I have always been very sensitive to criticism growing up, so you’d think this would be the last profession I would want to go into. But the overwhelming desire to let these characters “live” outside of you overrides even your worst fears! It’s like you can’t help yourself. Writers are often introverts and not accustom to being “out there,” but we’ll bear almost anything to share our characters and their stories with the world. Thanks for exploring this!


      1. Recently I interviewed Joe Bunting on The Short Story and posed the question of how he handled criticism. His response was , he would grieve and just get back to the work. I thought that was a great answer.


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