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Happy Wednesday, Writers! I haven’t decided if I’ll be posting twice a week at my new forum for writers and authors, but, things are heating up and authors are on board to share their expertise in evey imaginable genre! So, in order to not overwhelm my storytellers (you guys!) or give too much of a good thing at one sitting, I’ll be interrupting your usual Friday’s with other exciting news. I hope you all enjoyed Angela Meredith’s contribution to the forum, Beyond The Basics of Good Writing. Thanks Angela!

I’ve been working REALLY hard at maintaining my blogs (three) and the effort is truly paying off. I felt I needed one day of other folks company, so I stepped away from the computer on Tuesday and spent a great day just hanging out and enjoying the moments (beautiful & fun) of course, I sent out the envelope containing my completed Mirror Monologue (happily)

You guys do know, March 31st is the deadline to enter this playwriting competition? There are quite a few guidelines to follow- sending your work via snail mail is only one stipulation. Here’s the link one more time:

Another great looking competition I have my eye on, is The Annual Bristol Short Story Contest at


Self published fiction authors can serve as paid consultants at Callisto Media in Berkeley, Ca. Your self-publisshed books must have reached Amazon’s sales rank of 10,000 or more. The perks are that you get to work from home and from any location. Speaking of locale? I have a great romance author whose newest release of steamy fiction will take you for a roller coaster ride! Have you ever wondered about all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes of Reality TV?

An upcoming heart to heart with a Hollywood Insider will keep you on the edge of your computer chair! Her new book is a bestseller and methinks, people in the industry might be up in arms about it:)

Like I said, so much good stuff to share and perhaps entice you to get cracking on your next or new novel is coming your way in the months to follow. Also , make sure you guys visit Angie’s Diary for my latest Women’s History Month article “A Woman’s Story” here:

Let’s meet back here on Friday, okay? If you come across any good news for writers & authors, feel free to share with us at the forum.


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