Tackling The Romance Genre…


Good morning writers. Have you been working on your “Mirror Monologue”? If you don’t know the specifics of this call for women writers 16 and above, just read my last post (calling all women writers) I’ve been contemplating on the perspective of what I see when looking in the mirror and I don’t feel rushed with the process because the submission period starts Feburary 1st through March 31st.

You guys might not know this, but, I’m a romantic at heart.:) I have penned a few stories in this genre- my latest “Technicolor Love” was accepted in Faydra Deon’s Independent Author’s Short Story Compilation in 2012. A week ago I proudly finished another short story, hit saved and moved on to other projects. Recently,I reread the peice and it made absolutely no sense at all!

Okay, so none of us gets it right on the first draft, at least not always. I haven’t given up on the story because I believe in its characters.I decided to explore and do research on the Romance Genre experts and came across an excerpt of Viviane Brentano’s “A Little Crushed” on the front page of Angie’s Diary. By the way, Angie’s Diary is a great online resource for new and established writers and authors who want more exposure for their work. I’ve had a few creative essays published there.

Reading the excerpt from Viviane’s book, led me to follow her on twitter and reach out to her for a possible guest spot at clara54 for you guys! Ms. Brentano, I know you’re busy, but if you’re reading this? just putting it out there:) The point I want to make is that we’re all in this writing thing together. Some of us are more advanced than others, but, it’s about paying it forward. Wouldn’t you agree? If you are an author or creative writer who feels the same way…you’re more than welcome to share some of your success secrets with all of us here at clara54 writers forum. We’d appreciate you and only God will bless you:) Either way, I’ll be picking up a copy of “A Little Crushed.”

What have you ‘Romance” creatives got cooking/simmering in your pot? Laddle it up!


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