Calling All Women Writers!


2013 is a great time for women writers. It’s going to be a monumental year for us to step up, step out and shine our light for the world to wake up and take notice! What an intro:) Well, I’m just so excited to share this latest writing opportunity for women (sooo many avenues for creatives out there) The Mirror Monologues have a call out for women writers 16 and over to create Dramatic Monologues about the mirrors in their lives. Submit your story about what you really see when you look in the mirror. Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies:)

These plays are the brainchild of four women Playwrights over 50 who met and began to brainstorm their playwright threatric abilities ( all have written & produced plays) and who have sent the call for women to take part in their latest Dramatic works. “man look at themselves in mirrors while women look ‘for’ themselves…feeling your creative juices yet?!

So, to participate in The Mirror Monologues, go to where you can also learn more about the women playwrights-the wheels are turning!

Well, I’m supposedly working on my book for 2013- not so much. I’ve been writing articles for magazines and other projects to sustain a retirement income. I know, excuses…but, someday, the work in progress will become reality for myself, my contributors and clara54’s wonderful readers. To stave off your disappoinment, I’m hoping you read my latest articles for Bronze Magazine and Women In Business 101 Magazine.

When you find yourself stuck in one area of your work, move on to the next thing. I promise you, you’ll continue to hone your talents and people will take notice…and that project will breathe a silent air of ‘thanks.’ “I’ll be waiting writer woman when the time is right.”

What about you guys, will 2013 be your time to shine?


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