Beautiful Film From Kai Duc Luong

Cityscapes I : Paris

CITYSCAPES I : Paris ( 2008 – 2012, Video, 5min 06s )
As part of the Internal Stages series of videos

At first glance, one is fixated to the aesthetic reading of an ethereal Parisian skyline and time-lapse, lulled by a melancholic tune playing in the background.

This skyline is also that of my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, from the top of the 14th floor of the Boucry tower in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, where my mother’s apartment was.

The music box tune blended with moody and changing skies as time passes, symbolize an internal lexicon – that under which I spent 49 days in the summer of 2008, filming this skyline from my mother’s apartment’s balcony – 7 weeks during which I followed the Asian ritual of marking the passage of her body from earthly to spiritual, according to ancestral Buddhist codes – keeping the incense burning all along, preparing three meals per day in front of an altar while pouring tea.
2006 – 2012 art, 2012
Internal Stages art, installation, 2012

This writing life does afford perks and getting to know Kai and his work is truly one of them!
For those of you lucky enough to live in Paris or visit abroad the next months, his work can be seen here: GALERIE DU BUISSON : Jan 19, 2013 thru Feb 3, 2013 ***


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