Revamping My Writer’s Site!


Hello all! I’m not completely back with you guys, but, wanted to share a few nuggets of information about clara54. I’ve decided to revamp the site in regards to content, due in part, to the path my work is headed. I’m no longer going to write about anything other than “writing’ here at clara54. For the most part this will include short stories, literary reviews, interviews and works of other writers…and always great photos from willing participants!

And because clara54 is known as a book review blogger site, I will continue to introduce book reviews and recommendations upon occasion. Today I want to introduce you to the Show Off Anthology; a book of ten short story writers by Joe Bunting from The Write Practice blog.

A short story writer and author, Joe Bunting also teaches the craft to other short story writers, thus, his first collection of these writers. I was given the opportunity, along with other writers, to review this anthology for You can find those reviews and purchase information for the anthology at the kindle site here:

These are wonderful & recommended short stories. You’ll be energized to write your masterpiece after reading the Show Off Anthology:) 

“from steps to ladders to bridges, your truth begins with you!” A Life Toward Authenticity- My Authentic Woman Story ebook… also available at amazon .com kindle selection and Barnes & Noble nook selections… 

Great holiday readings!

P.S. Clara54 is open to your writing story and “show off” of your literary gems:)


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