To Your Success…

The thing I’ve learned from a Nursing career spanning over 30 years is that life can turn to loss in less than 60 seconds..the loss of life is final and there are no do overs…Life is precious and something that no one should ever take for granted!

I’m going to step away from clara54 for a a few weeks to give myself up to the luxury of living, loving & being a participant in life and thanking The Almighty for the success I’ve achieved from doing the thing I’m so passionate about-Making a difference in the lives of others!

Success isn’t just about how much money you make or how much “stuff” you accumulate. It’s not even about how many celebs you’ve interacted with… in response to the ribbing from a good-natured friend in the blogosphere about that one:)  It’s about making a connection and building on a community of like minded folks; forming friendships on the journey to working toward a common goal. It’s about “contributing” to the change in the world that you want to see.

Here’s my tribute to your successful life:

“As we live and breathe, we also live and learn- don’t rush success. Take baby steps to hone your craft…use your skills…speak and act from the heart… run your own race.” 

Peace, joy and abundance in all things!



4 thoughts on “To Your Success…”

  1. Dear Clara,
    that words and thoughts I’ve just read on your blog are really touching and I agree with what you say about the human connections. We’ve to try to not let ourselves being manipulated away from our convictions. In this sense I wish you a very successful pause. Very best regards Martina


    1. Martina,

      Thank you so much for your warm sentiments and I’m forever grateful when my efforts reach one person:) Appreciate you for stopping by. Always a pleasure to hear your insights.



  2. I hope you are enjoying your break! I agree, I think we get too wrapped up in things and need to stop and smell the roses. 🙂 We only get one moment – our lifetime – on this earth. I’m for living out what I was created to do, and for savoring this brief time.


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