“Blog Award” Nomination!

I had a great time over the weekend with the family. My joy is so immense right now, because I was helping to celebrate my son getting his Master’s Degree! and I also received awesome news of my own. My motivational site for women has been nominated for an “Inspirational Blog Award”… WOW!

As a nominee I have rules to adhere to in accepting the award. Authentic Woman is finally making a mark in the lives of others as I’d envisioned my work starting in 2006 from dream to possibility and ultimately reality…details of the nomination will be posted at http://authentic-woman.net on Friday.                                                                                             

Inspiring Blog Award Don’t you just love cool surprises?

9 thoughts on ““Blog Award” Nomination!”

  1. Hi Clara, congratulations to your nomination. I have a blog also. And I was thingking if we could be a “blog friends” like sharing thoughts and have feedback with each others blog.



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