New Fall Television Series

I promised myself I was going to write something today because I goofed off on Tuesday after finally completing my 3rd short story for submission. So, today I’m going to keep my promise! Although I should be concentrating on a guest post, I’m going to start with something a bit lighter- Television Shows for Fall:)

I’m  filled up with all sorts of celebrity stuff over at my celebrity “T” blog and there are 25 new series coming this Fall, according to TV Guide’s Matt Roush. Here are a few…


Nashville- appearing 10pm Wednesday nights on ABC about a veteran country music star who is being upstaged by the younger, new girl on the scene. Set in Nashville, this show will get a look-see from me.

666 Park Avenue- This show airs Sundays on ABC and stars Vanessa Williams as part of a landlord couple who owns thee hotel and based loosely on The Bates Hotel scenario-where you check in, but not out!- Premieres Sept. 30th…hmm

Elementary- A Sherlock Holmes adaption with a twist- Watson is a woman, played by Lucy Liu and Sherlock is played by Jonny Lee Miller; ex husband of Angelina Jolie! There seems to be a lot of “buzz” about this Sherlock Holmes, in part, because there’s already a PBS  “Sherlock”, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and fans of this show seems upset that the new Sherlock has a woman as Watson & is airing at all!

I am a big fan of any Sherlock Holmes venture.. In my opinion, no one does it like Robert Downey Jr. but, I’m not crying over more Sherlock! The show airs Sept 27th at 10pm. One last tidbit- the men of both Sherlock series are now competing as good friends!

Two comedies include The New Normal starring Ellen Barkin as a racist and NeNe Leakes as the assistant to one a gay couple who is having a baby through a surrogate- Ellen Barkin is mother to the surrogate. The show already airs Tuesday at 9:30

The Mindy Prospect- about a girl who is an unconventional Dr. who wants to be like Meg Ryan. It’s described as an off beat-off key sort of comedy- check your local listings .

I’m putting my dime on Sherlock’s “Elementary”…what about you? Any new favorites?


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