When “Trolls” Come Calling!

I’ve been on a roll, so blessed and happy to be doing the thing I love to do! I’m blessed to be able to use my expertise as an advocate for women and women issues, to assist in empowering women on a journey to finding their voice and living their truth. My mentoring skills led me to develop Authentic Woman Networks, which is my business brand.

Empowering women, the theme of my business, is an ‘evergreen’ issue that continues to grow in the States and around the globe since I began the journey to use my voice for the rights of women, children and the elderly in 2006!

Since leaving my life long career as a professional nurse in June 2012, I’ve been blessed with an abundance of friends, business folks and great blogosphere connections. People have asked my assist on their book projects and friends have allocated ‘me’ as the go to nurse consultant, to their friends who need assistance in how to care for loved ones, once they leave the hospital. 

I am working tirelessly on Stepping Into Greatness, my personal development resource book, along with other contributors who share their stories of how they overcame struggle & setbacks to step up in triumph and purpose. 

I’m writing short stories, offering personal mentoring sessions and continuing to network with people in my niche, while spending quality times with family, friends and other folk… 

I am happiest as I continue to do what I’m led to do and yet, there is a downside to this grand life that God has favored me with…TROLLS!  I received a message in my inbox from a fellow entrpreneur who informed me that someone has been posting ‘ugly’ things about me-Word!

I have great news…I ain’t scared of no trolls! 

 And doesn’t it come with the territory? In the words of Guy Finley: “Your opinion of me is none of my business.”

“Trolls don’t want to communicate, they want to dominate!” Holly Jahungiri

How do you handle TROLLS?

Update: Apparently someone had hacked this person’s site & we’re warned if u get such messages, avoid opening. Glad the site was BLOCKED & this incident sparked a post from me to them:)


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