Whatcha Doing Clara54?!

Would you believe I’m chasing FEDEX for a package that’s been MIA since July!?! Hopefully there will be resolution in the morning! Also finished off the last of several writing obligations I’d committed to for two of my  colleagues.

Pleased and surprised to see that my short story “Technicolor Love” in the Independent Authors Index Compilation had received 5 stars & review from a buyer. Thank you, precious person, I’m inspired to submit a second story! If you haven’t purchased your Compilation, go here http://v1s.it/Sp2P74 to download great reads from some awesome authors, including yours truly. 

Gearing up for my daughter’s birthday next week and looking forward to family coming in for the weekend…seems only yesterday everyone gathered for the wedding and what a beautiful occasion that was- will post pictures of the mansion & wedding details later.

Not everything is coming up roses, however, due to the fact that my computer want to act ugly and I’m still waiting to get paid for several articles, but, such is the business of freelance, huh? I’m continuing work on my book, Stepping Into Greatness, with awesome contribuotrs, albeit at a slower pace than before- must start an accountability log for myself, people..:)

Next week, I will have a guest post up at Susan Johnston’s, The Urban Muse, so look out for that and I’m taking notes for another invite from an SEO/Copywriter’s famously “out there” site to guest post as well…now, this one? A wee bit challenging, but, I love a challenge.

Anyhoo, that’s what’s happening in my creative world this week- everyday brings the possibility of a thing:)

How about you guys…whatcha doing?

P.S. If you’re liking my “whatcha doing” series give me a holler…


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