Whatcha Doing Clara54!?!

I hope everyone had a wonderfully safe and hydrated Independence Day! It is a scorch/er these last days. Hopefully, ComEd can get folks power back on. It happened to me for 6 hours last month & that was torture:( Today, I awakened early,wondering “what”s in store for Clara54?” It’s always a party,people! Let me get right to it. 

Guest Posts:

5 Tips For Branding Your “Niche” When Guest Blogging- Guide and News  can be viewed at http://wwwguideandnews.com/  Eshan, the site’s owner is an 19 year old (going on 40) problogger and a stickler for responding to comments- admire that:)

Stepping Into Your Season Of Greatness (blog contributor) here http://theceomamma.com/blog/stepping-into-your-season-of-greatness/


One Woman Marketing- http://wp.me/p2tole-26R

Angie’s Diary-  number 1 online website for writers and authors and where I have work published.

Awesome sites,dubbed the number one in online writing sites and seen on notable news, magazines and media networks- so, I’m grateful to be a small part of the fold.

Okay, people, a lot has been happening for me and I’m open and receptive to the Good Lord’s blessings. I received an email confirming that my short story “Technicolor Love” has been included in the Independent Author Index IAI for its Short Story Compilation ebook publication- woo hoo!!!!!!!!! I’m still numb with excitement, ok, you can tell:)

I’ve been getting back to the story of late and brushing off some of my old works to submit and writing new stuff as well. I’m busy as a queen bee-

As you know, the submission period has ended for contributing to my book Stepping Into Greatness and I’m working on the selecting process for stories keeping with the book’s theme- achieving through obstacles & setbacks- great stories. I’ll be sharing snippits in upcoming post for you guys.

June has been an incredible month of highs and lows. I’m looking forward to the possibilities of a thang:)

How was your June?


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