Change, Challenge and Possibilities…

Happy Monday Eve! Only arrived back home a few hours ago from visiting my Mississippi roots… I’m fighting the fatigue because I remember posting about some happy, happy ,news before heading out last week. I know,people, time for the suspense to end:)

On Wednesday afternoon, I was asked by the editorial director over at Fifty is the New to submit 6 bullet points on topics I would write about for their website. Of course, at the time, I was only asked to send bullet points and that was the good news as I left for our family’s annual reunion, not knowing the outcome.

Upon my return, I find my new writer’s contract, along with an assignment to proceed with 4 of the submitted bullet points !!!! One article sent out and working on a second. I’m thrilled to have this gig…and tomorrow, more good news. My guest post will be active at Here’s the link; While you’re waiting to read my post, please visit Kelly’s informative business site to gain awesome insights on Marketing. Whether newbie, or seasoned, Kelly has something for everyone.

I’d like to share also that I’ve ended my long standing career in Nursing.. Sadly, I’ve closed the chapter on that part of my life. I suppose if I was more of a pessimist rather than optimist; I’d look at this change in my season as being the proverbial glass half-empty, opposed to being “a glass half-full.”

It’s been a great 30 plus years, filled with joys of helping to save lives, coupled with the pain of losing even one… All of those like minded friends & relationships will remain forever solid and my brave, beautiful and oftenimes challenging patients… never forgotten.

The life lessons I’ve earned in areas of compassion, servitude, leadership and accountability, will stay with me always. I’m not Evita. I’m no world leader. I’m simply Clara and I’ll always cherish being me, doing “me” like I’ve always done in my nursing career and in life.

My grandaughter gave me a beautiful quote to place on my desk for pondering decision making times just like these. It needs little explanation. “Good things fall apart so Better things can fall into place.” Looking forward to what the future holds and believing in the possibility of a thing…

Peace & blessings,


2 thoughts on “Change, Challenge and Possibilities…”

  1. Oh Clara, I am so excited to follow along as you enter this new chapter of your life. Congratulations on your new gig and also retirement from a demanding career in nursing where I am sure you have touched and healed more people than you could ever imagine. I know you are sad to say goodbye to that part of your life, but look at this way, you will continue to mend broken hearts and lift weary souls through your words. Clara lives on!


  2. Thanks Pat, I am excited because this phase in my life, is an exciting time for possibility:) Of course, I’m saddened to leave what I’ve always known. But, with sistah friends like you, offering encouragement & insights? I’ll keep-a- going!


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