A ‘Book In Progress’

Okay, so I’m trying not to procrastinate when it comes to working on “Stepping Into Greatness!” my self help book whose sole purpose is to motivate and inspire folks to get their productive groove back after setbacks & unforseen challenges have knocked them down and trampled all over their confidence- a lot of good truths for readers to use as take away value in their own lives…

The message today for my readers is that “I’m Writing.” Yes, I’m still planting an evergreen seed of purposeful writing, hopefully, for a 2013 Fall harvesting!  I’m appreciative of all of you guys, far & wide who want to know how the book is coming. My Switzerland connection-sistah-friend ( you know who you are) is keeping me accountable. I appreciate the advice , the well wishes and numerous supportive “can’t wait” to read it!

What would be even grandier is if more of you sent your gems of inspiration for inclusion in the book’s selection process. Deadline for submissions is looming fast- June 30th. Visit my website http://authentic-woman.net for contact information. Shining your light will ultimately inspire and empower others to shine theirs- Marianne Williamson’s words have never rang truer.

Other stuff happening for clara54 includes anticipating contest competition results… Preparing to head South to honor & participate in a family tradition and happily celebrating being invited by founder,Sylvia Browder, to join National Association Women On The Rise @ www.nawomenrise.com  One On One Mentoring program as one of 56 women( and counting) on a mission to empower other women by sharing their expertise and experiences… Thank you, Sylvia for this great honor! 

How about you guys? What’s shakin’ bacon?


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