Clara54 Celebrates Her Blogosphere Birthday!

I don’t mean to brag but…it’s my Birthday! Yep, four years since clara54′s inception into the wide, wide world of blogging! My first post, “Welcome To My World” in June 2008 was an intro into one transitional nurse-freelance writer wannabe’s life! Let me recap a few highlights of a trip down nolstalgic writing lane:

Before Clara54? Doing the nurse thing while writing columns for free sites:, ezinearticles and Useless Knowledge… What I gained from writing for these sites? Experience!

Exposure! The renewal of The Writing Bug!

Confidence in my writing ability surges and clara54 moves to query online websites and print magazines- yay! My first freelance writing contract came with a $15.00 pay off from a premiere issue of a fashion mag. Next came a $250.00 gift card for winning a contest at a competition where I would place in their 10 top article category again & again…

Ultimately, my veteran nurse experience kicks in & clara54 takes a gamble by applying for nurse advice columnist for a nurse magazine and gets the gig- it’s great to know and do better:)

Somewhere along the line of clara54 doing book reviews, celebrity interviews and entertainment copy, gaining awesome connections, becoming part of a bodacious writing community; she began to reflect upon the true meaning of this gift for gab via the blogosphere-  For clara54, it’s become about truth seeking. Making a difference and shining her light!

Clara54 is four years old people! She’s become wiser, humbled, focused and commited to paying it forward… I suppose she’s grown:)

Look out world- clara54 is coming at ya!

How about your writing growth? Please share guys…

4 thoughts on “Clara54 Celebrates Her Blogosphere Birthday!”

  1. Hi Pat,
    Formulating the premise in hopes of gathering the harvest in 2013:) you know I’m also waiting for a response to your submitting an essay! You get my email? Accepting submisssions till end of June. I should be a celebrity & hire a ghostwriter:)



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