Friendship BLAST From The Past!

A friend from the past is coming over! It’s been 3 decades since my friend and I’ve seen each other- remember the classmate whose parents were the first family in Mississippi to send their children to an all white school! Yea, it’s my friend Pearl:)  She texted me to say she’s in the City for a few days-woot!

l don’t know how to feel right now. Happy, anxious, curious about how she’d view me now that I’m a babyboomer- well, we’re babyboomers-haha! Anyhow, been cleaning a lot, going over every little nuance where a dirt mite, might be hiding out; my best towels in the bathroom, the good toilet paper:)  Washed down walls, toilets, sinks- even opened doors to my clothes closets to spritz those suckers with some fabric freshner ( never know)

On to food- what to serve my friend & guest? Hmmm. finger sandwiches are cool on such a hot day. Ice tea  maybe chips & dip- there’s a great tasting cheesy one with tangy spices I love, well, maybe she won’t. Okay, here’s a thought- what if I find a story in all of this bruhaha?

What if I just write my nervousness away via a clara54 post? Okay, done. Now, what am I going to wear and does she like wine!?!

This is a special post as I’m gearing up to host a blast from my kindergarden & high school daze!

What do you guys think, red or white wine? Cheese & crackers, or potaoe chips & dip? Hurry up before she gets here!


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