Writing To Make A Difference-Book Project

Okay. so I didn’t get the Marketing Guest Post for you all today (Sonya) but, I am back after a 2 week hiatus with some book news! I have a fresh start this morning and after this post, will be returning to my kitchen table to sort through a lot more ‘stuff’ as in data & writings spanning over 4 years to see what’s revelant to my book project- Stepping Into Greatness!

Yes, it’s a definite go; a slow go, but, I’ve heeded the call to action and will just do what I’ve needed to be doing for a while-write my self help book to living a purposeful life regardless of struggles and obstacles that knock us down, but, can’t keep us down! Since starting my motivational website at authentic-woman.net, I’ve come to connect with many wonderful & capable women whose stories of strugggle and triumph needed to be told in order to make a diffference in someone’s life.

I will be accepting submissions on a global scale from folks (men & women) who want to contribute their stories to Stepping Into Greatness! Contact authentic-woman@att.net for submission guidelines… This is a work in progress, but,it will be completed-Believe! Reading upon the how-tos of Book Publishing, Book Proposals, Marketing and so forth has left me feeling a bit overwhelmed, but, determined to see Stepping Int Greatness to fruition & dare I say, I’ve got some good folks rooting for me:)

Clara54 has a lot on her plate, but, this blog will always be a resource for all creatives, so the book reviews, guest posts and just meanderings of a nurse in transition will continue. I will keep you all up to date on this project. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t continue to write fluff for the remainder of my life- and I do love fluff, but, I’m writng Stepping Into Greatness! to make a difference…

How about your insights into writing for a purpose-other than fame and fortune:)


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