On Writing The Personal Essay…

I’ve been doing a bit of personal writings for various submissions this month and have decided that I love it. Anytime you have a passion to inspire, motivate and empower another person on their ladder to success- go for it. In 2010, one piece I’d written ended up being selected for inclusion in When One Door Closes- A Reflection for Women On Life’s Turning Points. This women’s Book Series by Terri Spahr Nelson have garnered national attention.Yours truly had the pleasure of reviewing its 2nd book in the series, The Moment I Knew, in 2011 for my Clara54 readers…

Monday, I will be bringing an interview with the author herself! Yes, Terri has agreed to take a few questions and bring us up to date on her recent book tour, the book selection process and the submission deadline for inclusion in her 3rd book in the Reflection Series. It’s been a hectic week with writings, submissions, guest post inquiries, posting updates to my blogs and motivational site for women and working my nurse gig… and yet things seem to flow along quite well in the end:)

 Any personal writings on your agenda?


3 thoughts on “On Writing The Personal Essay…”

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  2. You’re welcome Karen! I do believe I’ve always been partial to the personal essay/memoir/ biography as opposed to fiction, although I do immerse myself in both when time allows:)


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