It’s Amore…Happy Valentine’s Day From Clara54!

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February 14th is Valentine’s Day. As such, many women are looking forward to their special day of love offerings from their significant other. Valentine’s Day has become such an expressive & favored phenomena of all of the Holidays. In  Feburary of 2007, I went in search for the origin of The Valentine.

It was during Roman Times, in Ancient Rome where Roman Tradition merged with Christian Faith. There was, according to legend, a Roman Emperor named Claudius 2nd, who came to believe that his single men would fare much better in battle if they were not married, or betrothed. He then issued a decree banning all marriages. This ban was opposed in secret by a young priest named Saint Valentine.

Eventually captured & ordered to be put to death, the young priest would find himself falling madly in love with his jailer’s daughter. No doubt frustrated & helpless from behind bars, Saint Valentine began to pen love letters to his sweetheart, signing them “from your valentine”.

There were many stories of love gathered from research, tracing the orgin of The Valentine. The oldest known valentine is said to be written in the form of a poem by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife after his capture at the battle of Agincourt. This manuscript can reportedly be found at the British Library in London, England. If you’re ever in the area… 

The original article written in 2007 can be viewed at

Hope you all like & relate to the power of love…Well, not so much in the sense that you’d take such extreme measures:) Happy Valentine’s Day!



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