Clara54’s Poetry: In Honor Of Black History Month!

turnip top, turnip greens
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Nobody Knows The South 

like I know the south
the wet and grimy
Soul of the Mississippi South…
Nobody knows The South
like I know the south
honeysuckle smells in fresh
country air…
juice of purple fruits everywhere
regular folk whispering
tunes of dixieland…
Sweltering heat
cotton fields,
lakes, rivers, streams
shotgun house,
white house on the hill…
A full mesh of turnip greens
catfish & crowder peas
Little girls playing hopscotch in hand-me-down dresses
church on Sundays
praying to a white jesus…
Another day passes & still
Nobody knows…
I Spoke To God Last Night
let me tell you about the conversation
I must admit it was all my fault
I got really perturbed
cause you see, I’ve been living
for jesus all my natural born life
Raised to be a good girl,
while all the bad-assed girls got to
go out and play
having all the friggin’ fun!
dating all the bad-assed dudes
I’m an adult now & I can feel
where God is coming from
Sure, I’v been married
I’ve had kids
But, where’s my knight?
anybody seen my sweet thing
in a coat of comfort armor?
Hey God, where’s my FAITH at?
I spoke to God last night
I’m just chillin’
waiting for his holler back!
I Could Have Sworn
You whispered my name
I just knew you were calling for
I could have sworn
your lips caressed my soul
I just knew your love was for
me. And yet I see you with
another love,
Honestly, I could have sworn.
take care my love,
keep in touch
never forget how I loved you
so much.
my heart tells me you’ll be back
my mind regretfully says
that’s not a fact.
perhaps I’ll remember the good times,
forget the bad
“I love you, baby, you know that
I’ll do better & I promise to be
good…I said I would!”
i know you’ll come back
like you did before.
i know you’ll promise never to hurt me,
Take care my love…
These poems have been the Featured Writings in the Purple Lounge @ ezine for January.
I’m honored to share them with my readers at clara54…

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