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It was during the early 70’s that my school in Mississippi was integrated- white children & black children coming together as students under the auspices of The Civil Rights Movement. I know this because in 1970, I was taking the yellow school bus along with other children of Color to attend school as a freshman on Mississippi school grounds that once served only white kids!

The auditorium where we all gathered for introduction from the schools’ principal & personnel was thick with anticipation, curiousity, and wonderment as children of both races looked around to size each other up. I’ll never forget that time and space in my life. Pearl Carter was a friend since 4th grade. We were two peas in a pod back then. Our friendship lasted throughout High School until our graduation, when Pearl headed off to college and I headed to Chicago to follow my dreams:)

All of those years being friends with Pearl, I never knew of her family’s history. SILVER RIGHTS  is a book written by Constance Curry, as told to her by Pearl’s mother and civil rights activist in Mississippi, Ms. Mamie Carter. It tells the story of the Carter family‘s brave decision to send their children to an all white school in the 60’s!  I became aware of, the book, Silver Rights, a few years back and put it on my book to-do list. About a year ago, Pearl and I reconnected via Twitter! We are now twitter pals and email back and forth. I’m so envious of her huge executive offices (told her so) and she likes my freelance writer work (sort of)

Pearl Carter’s family were the first black family to intergrate the segregated schools in Mississippi! I look forward to bringing you a review of Silver Rights very soon. Shh, Pearl doesn’t even know:)

Peace & blessing…

Did you find out a big, wonderful, secret about an old friend? Please share…


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