What The Freelance Writer Should Consider When Working Smarter

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Working smarter is a catch phrase that includes everyone from parents in the home, to teachers in the classroom. This solution to problem solving is far reaching, extending from the lips of sage Pro Bloggers to best-selling authors and their number one fan. Working smarter, not harder, has become a phenomenal motivator.

The essence of “working smarter, not harder” is a good reminder on the how-tos of alleviating long winded avenues to finding a simpler mode of achievement. It is on the basis of good and well meaning intention when those in leadership provide potential clients this same definitive take-away value in their startup business endeavors . As leaders, it’s imperative how we define this ideology of working smarter for ourselves.    

 I recently had an opportunity to participate in a ten week Leadership and Coaching course offered at  Illinois Depaul University. It was an eye opener in the instance of how the word “smarter” is perceived. I knew the basis behind working smarter, but taking the class reawakened a better understanding and conceptual method to working smarter.

 The participating class were given weekly modules for learning . The bold lettering spelling out the word S. M. A. R. T. E. R in the first session , served to set the tone for the course premise in relation to freelance writing, leadership, coaching, and marketing. As a professional writer and entrepreneur, this information seemed an important addendum to an already awesome way of problem solving.

Below you’ll find the module’s lettering and wordage. The definition to each word is how I perceived my goals and vision as an individual freelancer. Defining  what these words mean for you, whatever your platform can only add to your success.


S. Specific be clear in your goals. What is it that you’re focused on accomplishing. As a nurse it would be to provide the best possible care and return a patient to their activities of daily living. As a writer, I will focus upon my passion and purpose as I work from a place of helping others.

M. Measurable- Have you mapped out a master plan, as in a business plan? A map to guide you on your journey to achieving your goals? Is it doable?

A. Agreed-If you are a solepreneur with a family dynamic to consider the question arises; have you and your spouse discussed the potential for failure? finances? support? Is everyone of concern in agreement? If not, what avenues must you initiate to come to an agreed upon conclusion?

R. Realistic- Are your goals doable? Are you going to write what you know? Will research suffice. Are you “walking the talk”?

T. Time-bound- What’s your time frame here? Have you prepared  yourself for failure? For success?

E. Ethical- As professionals, we are bound by an indelible code of honor. There should be no question about how we want our work to encourage and inspire, empower and entertain. As leaders we should base our motivations upon teaching others the path that leads to truth and humility.

R. Recorded- How do we want the world to remember our contribution to society? What we leave as legacy should find favor with our loved ones, our colleagues and the world, as a permanent record. A deed to the the life we’ve lived.  

Working smarter, not harder, when viewed from where I’m standing as a freelance writer, activist and motivator, suddenly takes on a whole new meaning!

Happy 2012 to all of my readers and thanks for visiting clara54 during my absence. Lots of good stuff, hard decisions and career motivators to update y’all on in future posts. Meanwhile feel free to weigh in on the components of working smarter as it applies to your freelance endeavors!  


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