Clara54 Recommends A Television Thanksgiving

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day! While in the company of family & loved ones this Thanksgiving, why not make it a “Movies” marathon day as well? Ok, after football!

I love scary & “whodunit” shows. Something about good versus evil.  I’ve seen all of these shows and I’ve become their #1 fan. Clara54 recommends for your viewing pleasure:

GRIMM-  based on the Grimm fairytales, This has one detective who is suddenly thrust into the  position of having to save humans from the evil existence of creatures that no one else in town can see but him. (an aunt who died in the line of Grimm duty) In the process of learning about this unique gift he possesses, the detective encounters an odd ally in of all people, a werewolf! 

Grimm can be seen on Wednesday nights on NBC. 

The Secret Circle- A group of young people find out they come from a bloodline of witches. Something happened back during the time when their parents were younger- Something that caused some of the parents to succumb to mysterious deaths. What is it with the newest girl who has come to live with her grandmother? Is she good, or is she evil? 

And what’s with the elders in this town? Are they still practicing witchcraft?

The Secret Circle airs Tuesday Nights on the WB…

SuperNatural- okay, the Winchester boys are back in town! Ladies if Y’all  haven’t seen the two hunters of evil for the last 5 seasons, where the heck have y’all been? This is one of my all time favs & it’s not just because of the acting, er, seriously, the beefcake is slammin’!

Supernatural with Sam and Dean Winchester airs on Fridays on the WB!

Ringer- Sarah Michelle Geller, aka Buffy The Vampire Slayer aka, Mrs. Freddie Prince Jr, is back in business. She plays a twin to her twin. Okay, Sarah plays 2 roles in this drama about sisters, one good, but, flawed .and the other? Just plain evil and no one has a clue that she wants her “good, but, flawed” sister dead.

What is the motive for killing your sister? And why would Shiobann want to kill Bridget? Catch episodes of Ringer on Tuesday night on NBC-

Oh, forgot about Vampire Diaries! Well, they’re on again in December:)

Remember recaps of all shows can be seen on Affinity Comcast…

 Happy Thanksgiving all! 

What movies are you watching on Thanksgiving?


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