Halloween Movie Fright Nights

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Hey y’all trick or treaters out there, remember to be safe and check your little ones goodies! As for you adults I’ve come up with a few great fright night movies perfect for getting cozy with your significant others. These are the shows I recommend for stay at home and at the movies- for your Halloween “Boo” night: 

American Horror Show Marathon- a family moves into a beautiful old home in order to start anew. He’s cheated and wants to make amends. She lost their baby & needs to recover. Their teenage daughter hides her anger through self cutting.

All three are going to experience ghosts who for all intent and purposes appear real…the ghosts vows to never let them leave! Check FX television channel for listing.

Twilight- the beginning. I have to admit, just saw the movie for the first time and now I know why everyone loves Twilight. The third installment; Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn, part 1 will come to theaters Nov 18th. Tonight you can catch  Possessing Piper Rose on Lifetime-

The Secret Circle- Thrusday nights on the WB

Grimm- appearing on Wednesday nights at 9pm on NBC channel. For cable & dish enthusiasts, just visit your listings for tv series to capture this goulish series. A detective finds out he is the last of The Grimms, people who can see demons and whose mission has always been to destroy them before they destroy the whole human race!

Of course, there’s my favorite fright night Supernatural and Vampire Diaries- can’t get enough of Dean and Sam. Damon and Stefan. Finally there’s the Paranormal Activity 3 playing at local theatres. This movie reportedly broke box office records its first week out. Haven’t seen it. Have to admit, that’s one scare even I might pass up:)

What about you guys, have any scares up your Halloween sleeves?


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