What’s Up With Clara54!?!

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Surveyors just left the day gig. As always, the State’s annual window of investigation into Hospitals and Nursing Home abuse systems was taxing, but, necessary!

It so happens that I’d recently accepted a guest post from Amy Shoemaker, an activist and author against patient care abuse to share with ya’ll (grammer faux pas intentional for all y’all grammer critics out there) on Monday. 

I also just interviewed Marcus Jones, a Can TV radio talk show host. The interview received awesome feedback and much traffic-Thanks Marcus. You are truly an inspiration!

In early November, I hope to bring you a different take on love, life and relationships from ANNA DAVID’S new memoir Falling for Me. As you consumate readers know, Anna David is the popular author of the novels Party Girl , Bought and  the anthology Reality Matters. She’s appeared on so many national television shows, I won’t list them just yet.

I’m also rounding out the 7th of 10 lessons to my free online Leadership Coaching Class offered at Depaul University. It’s such a thrill ride people! The learning modules are so indepth, authentically prepared and sooo beneficial that Depaul is offering a series of online lessons on this convenient Leadership course. Interested parties can email me for the 411! 

Geez, Clara54 does go on, doesn’t she?

Anyhoo, head back here on Monday to read Amy’s great post on Nursing Home Abuse and please share your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “What’s Up With Clara54!?!”

  1. Hi Marcie,

    I’ve been blessed and at the time of writing this post, I was sooo overwhelmed with projects. Thank goodness, I’m better able to manage my time as of late:)



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