An Interview With Talk Show Host Marcus Jones…

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For those who are just getting acquainted with Marcus Jones could you give us a
bit of a background?

Well, I’m definitely living more responsible now. I didn’t always have this
mentality of staying focused on the right purpose. As a young man growing up as a teenager, I was heavily involved in the street life. I didn’t have the proper
support and guidance that I understand today is so necessary. You see, my dad left us when I was 6 years old and even though I had a grandfather and a couple of uncles, they weren’t always around. I learned more and more from those I allowed into my life how to live a destructive lifestyle. Before I knew what was happening, everything began to spiral out of control. Eventually I started believing it was okay to take from others what I wanted without even acknowledging that there could be great consequences. I wasn’t that young man anymore. I had turned into someone I didn’t know and couldn’t even recognize.

Before long I had attempted to rob a drug dealer and was shot 4X in my back and
legs. I was rushed to Northwestern Hospital, and from there I was taken to Cook
County Hospital and from there to Cook County Jail. I spent 2 ½ years there
fighting my case before being sent to Dixon Correctional facility to finish my
sentence of 10 years. I was released in 1999.

 Upon being released I told myself that I could no longer live my life being destructive. I realized that I had to do something with my life. Ultimately, before long I started writing my autobiography entitled “Everyone Has a Story”, in 2004. I finished it in 2007 and published January 2008. Soon after that I started producing and hosting my own talk show in Chicago at CAN TV called “Everyone Has a Story”.My book is solely about me and my talk show is about everyone else.

What lead me to launch Everyone Has a Story?

 What lead me to my talk show “Everyone Has a Story”, is after being interviewed
at CAN TV myself, the host of that program asked me would I be interested in
becoming a producer / host. I thought and prayed about it all that night. I had
just finished with my book and what better way to get my message out while
helping others in the process. It was an even bigger vision than I had for
myself in personal accomplishments at the time. I was glad to be able to show my
children by example that they can do anything they put their hearts and minds
into. So I took a class and got certified to be a producer / host at CAN TV and
have been doing this since 2008.
What are some of the setbacks that you had to overcome in seeing your vision to fruition?
Oh, I’ve had a lot of setbacks in seeing my vision come to fruition. One was the
fact that I didn’t know a thing about being a host or a producer. I had to learn
how to sit up straight in my posture, get my speaking together, practice my
format outline, become more engaged with the guests, get and process materials
from guests and last but not least, find ways of being comfortable in front of
the cameras.
I realized one important key piece of information in any person’s
life is that you must allow others to help you through the process of becoming
whatever you want to become in life because for me and probably many others, ego and pride can sometimes get in the way. In the beginning, I felt as though I
didn’t need anyone’s help.
 Another setback, which was probably my biggest, that I had to get over quickly is what people thought about me because I’m a paraplegic (in a wheelchair). I had a lot of physical challenges. I had to learn to manage what finances I do have and receive wisely while saving at the same time.
How has the show been received thus far?
My talk show “Everyone Has a Story”, has been getting great reviews from
everyone in the community, as well as my friends and family.
For folks wanting to take a seat next to you to tell their stories, how do you
decide which ones to bring forward?
Well, there are several ways I decide on guests for my talk show. One of my most
significant tools that I use is my listening skills, see I consider myself to a
good listener so while I’m out and about wherever I am, I pay attention to
people. I talk to people and it doesn’t matter where I am, it can be the CTA
train or the Grocery store. I scout at events and different social websites like
Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Then I do my research on backgrounds and having
extensive conversations with them while communicating with them via phone or
email to decide whether we want to take it to the next level.
Do you have a staff or is this work of solepreneurship?
I have a staff of three, director, camera man and a teleprompter. I could never
do it by myself in this profession you need help and now I’m getting more people
offering their help though I’m always open for more people with like minds to
help make my vision even better.
How can people interested in your show get connected?
People interested in my program that want to get connected should follow me on
Twitter and LinkedIn or Facebook where I post videos and a schedule of my
program. The can also get in touch with me directly through my e-mail or
Anything you would have done differently now that you’ve established your purpose?
I can’t really say that I would do anything different other than getting started
sooner than later in my life accomplishing things and being more responsible. I
like to think that I would have been more established and certainly free from
the trouble I experienced, but I know for sure that had things been different I
just might not be talking with you right now about this situation would I. So
when I look at the big picture, I am grateful to have met you and to be sharing
my story.

4 thoughts on “An Interview With Talk Show Host Marcus Jones…”

  1. Very inspiring story and the sincerity was truly felt. I have been looking for signs to join the prison ministry at my church and it’s a wrap! Bless you both for a great story!


  2. Marcus’s story was so inspirational. I checked out his talk show on youtube and he has a real heart-felt presence. Next time I am stateside, I will pick up a copy of his book. I bet Marcus would be great speaking to teens. Thanks Clara for sharing Marcus’s story.


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