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I know right? I’m actually posting on a Wednesday! It’s sorta weird for me too, but, I was sending a text ( yes, this babyboomer is texting!) to some of my like minded gurl-friends to go grab some grub in a last ditch effort to console myself with the reality of the end to my respite days. Yep, heading back to the wear and tear of a day gig and not without reservations. So, I did a list of pros and cons on what’s really holding me back from pursuing my freelance writng fulltime. Y’all know I’ve been threatening to give it up for several years now… Okay, already- I’m getting there, but, here are the PROS:

1. Just these last weeks, I’ve established more contacts along the lines of my business brand as a motivational and personal development author, and  hopefully setting the right tone in connecting with the right affliates and sharing their amazing products with my readers at

2. Published my self-help ebook, A Life Toward Authenticity, as it details how women can live their passion and purpose by living and learning from life experiences. Reviews from those who purchased the book are still overwhelming and empowering!

3. I’m loving being part of a 10 week free Leadership Course offered by Illinois distinguished Depaul University. The classes are filled with learning modules, diversity and degreed folks from all over the world. I was shocked, but, pleased that my application was accepted two weeks ago. I mean, who knew?

4. In the process of reading 3 books: SPLASH Marketing for Overworked Small Busines Owners by Susan Carter.

The Wisdom Of The Elders, a gift sent by a colleague and,

The Moment I Knew,  the second book in the Reflections From Women Series, by author Terri S. Nelson, as a complimentary review copy for my clara54 readers. I’m in the process of gathering data from fashion designers for my London entertainment column  here,  Is it any wonder that I’m texting pals for a gabfest? 

The CONs hindering my freelancing fulltime…

1. Affordable Healthcare for myself: Life, Medical & dental; Vision, Accidential Death and Short term disability.

2. 401k

3. Did a recheck on available funds…

Anyhoo, are you a freelancer who’s sorta feelin’ my dilemma? Please share your expertise in getting over the hump to writing fulltime!


4 thoughts on “From Clara54 Whatcha Doing?! Series”

  1. Oh Clara, you sound like me in weighing the big decision. I am going in circles at school, beatin’ teens upside the head to read & write and lament the lack of time to pursue my love of words. And as you noted healthcare is a BIG issue in taking the big leap. I have no advice advice, only more questions, but when you get it figured it out let me know! As we say in French, bon courage!


  2. Hi Pat-

    You know my mama used to say you only needed “as much faith as a mustard seed!” I suppose at some point, I’m going to have to step out and also take courage!

    P.S. I envy the beautiful language of the French 🙂

    P.P. S. And for goodness sakes, don’t hurt the stubborn lil critters!


  3. First, congrats on all your latest successes! Exciting stuff.

    As far as being self employed, I hear you! I like to think of it as a strange and wonderful relationship – my husband and I have been self employed for nearly 30 years. More him than me, I suppose, as I was a stay at home mom who also kept the books for him. Can’t say that we have any fabulous answers for you. We’ve had varying degrees of insurance, a retirement fund that is slightly anemic, but somehow, it all seems to work out alright. How’s that for vague? lol When I get some solid solutions, will let you know!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Hi Karen-
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m what the old folks say, “between a rock and a hard place”. Too young for retirement and too old to pull double-duty:) At some point, the transition has to be made. I love my life away from the gig!
      Peace & blessing,


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