A Social Media Experiment


Happy Monday! I’m all over the map today people, washing, writing, catching up on emails and trying to beat the DVD rental time lapse before heading out to run a few much needed errands! And may I add, I also took time to tweet updates to my authentic-woman.net motivational website for women. Still open to your authentic woman stories over there. Things at my new place is really looking up! But, I’m posting here today to tell y’all about a little experiment I implemented with Social Media over the weekend. See, I’m of the curious sort, so when I got the idea to write about my 10 year old granddaughter’s birthday request at my column for Blogher and because I’m on the social media bandwagon, I thought let’s test the awesomeness of this phenomenon- why not test the speed of the blogosphere to respond.

The post “When Did Birthdays For Ten Year Olds Become So Expensive?” went up around 7am without a tweet, fb, or linkedin connection. I returned to the scene of intent about 2 hours later to find about 40+ visitors to the post and no comments. I proceeded to link to my FB page, LinkedIn, and Twitter page. The next two hours in my creative research, yielded approximately 200+ visits with comments from Facebook! Thrilled with the response to my post, my granddaughter’s obvious 10 year old greed and my knack for the curious, I left home to enjoy the remainder of my day. Returning to check my blogher column around 8pm, I saw the FB comments had grown to 12 and visits to my post? Well over 300!

The point about making connections via these internet social media is an awesome truth in the face of marketing, branding and building relationships while writing your dreams and passions has become the cat’s meow within the context of the blogosphere. Of course, my little test doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s happening in the world of technology, because there are other venues for making community!  I’m glad to be a part of it:) Anyhoo, that’s my creative input for today, people. Now, back to creating great stuff that might be read someday by Stephen Spielberg…Hey now, I’m not too old to spin a dream:)

So fess up. What experiment have you done as a writer and was blown away by the results?


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