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Thank God It’s Monday!I know usually it’s Friday that gets the worm, but, in my line of work, it’s a whole nother’ ballgame, so Mondays work for me:) Hope everyone is having a safe & cool day. I’m headed out for an early mom-dtr breakfast before heading over to the mall for Borders Books…Sadly, it seems the bookstores are going the way of the 100 watt lightbulb, cassettes, vcrs and typewriters! I’m going to go bunkers if I can no longer put my hands on a good book! I mean, letting go of my trusted Canon for the internet in 2000 was enough to send me into a tailspin:)

Technology is amazing & I’m finding myself willing to learn new stuff as well. As you might have read, my next book review is on KINDLE and I’m still getting used to reading a book this way. That review will be available for you guys shortly. It’s an autobiographical account of a singer & dancer growing up in the era of  carnival freak shows, black cowboys, abusive men and strong minded women. Quite a fascinating read. Looking back on the journey of Clara54 four years ago, I see a big change as well. Clara54 started as my transitional blog from nurse to freelance writer. I wanted to chart the choppy waters of freelancing as I ended 3 decades of nursing- however I still walk the halls part-time as a nightengale (minus the cap) and write my passion on my off days & free time.

Clara54 has taken on a mind of its own. I have always extended a place for other creatives to land and surprise, surprise, that common courtesy over the years, has come back to greet me tenfold. My work in helping to promote the work of others have landed me an invite to speak overseas, all expenses paid. Courted my input on writing legalities. Given me access to public relation firms, wanting more exposure for their clients. So many wounderful, professional & creative people are in my life, I feel like an older version of Cinderella. Okay, an OLDER version! One author has credited me with “changing the face of his book” after my review @ clara54 brought him more attention & sales. I get emails from readers asking how they can keep abreast of my work…one responded how she never tweeted, or twittered, so cute:)

I have a few irons heating up on a personal level as well. Recently, I guest posted here: and I’ve emailed a response to the same editor asking  about another creative he spied here. This morning, I emailed a new author to inform him of an interest in his first book from people in the UK! I felt like a proud mother hen doing that! I believe it’s the “Country upbringing” in me, but, the idea of sowing seeds? A given!

So, how about your Niche writing? Any amazing and unforseen twists & turns?


2 thoughts on “Clara54-A Resource For Creatives”

  1. Great article!

    This is my first visit to Clara54. I’m glad I stopped by. I love the flow of your page and the quality of your writing. Just reading this one entry gave me a glimpse into who you are, what this blog is about, and why you write. I must admit that I’m extremely impressed by your success. Though I don’t write reviews, I am a lover of the written world.

    The thought of reviewing books in the future sounds very possible. Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Hi Jermaine-

      Was so impressed by your writings & your skills in conveying words upon the page! You should go on and try whatever you have a mind to:) Glad I could assist you . It’s part of what clara54 is about.

      As Gwendolyn Brooks once advised me. “Keep-a-Going!”



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