Monday Appreciation Day!

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Okay, I wanted to take some time out, slow my roll and offer up a bit of appreciation from Clara54 for all of the good vibrations & helping hands that came my way these last weeks. It’s when we’re so busy & bogged down with “stuff” coming at us, from all angles in this Writing Life, that someone will come along, out of the blue, seemingly, to sow some encouraging and helpful seeds our way. Those seeds might come in the form of technical assistance, writing consultations, contributor requests and “thinking of you pictures” from days gone by:) 

Because all of those things came in the form of seeds for Clara54 recently, I am sending out  a Special Monday Appreciation to :

Ronnie- Thanks for thinking of your big sister when you went back home for the Holidays! You know me so well:) The pictures you captured reminds me of our days spent as children running amuck without a care in the world! My, did we ever actually live in the Country?

Thanks to Members of The Blog Zone for wanting to connect with me on LinkedIn & for your advice, blog intros and comments…I truly joined a community of bloggers!

James, you were one of the first to connect via email from The Blog Zone to offer me a contributors position at your beautiful Island In The Pacific Books- book blogger site! Readers & lovers of books will flock to  for an eclectic reading experience.

 I’m thrilled to be bringing another book up for review here within the next week. I want to send a special thanks to Dusty at StayThirstyPublishing and  to for their prompt response & gift book …Dusty led me through the KINDLE Installation for this one & it’s quite a new experience for me to read from a kindle Apps to bring you guys my next book review! Thanks Dusty, you rock! 

I wanted to tell my friend “M” that I’m going to miss her as she moves family to Arizona to start life anew…glad I could make your stay “The best fun you’ve had” since leaving your native India. May you make many more fun memories/friends on your jouneys… 

How many of you have taken time to slow your roll to show a bit of appreciation ?


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