Rejection Letters-Not So Bad!

Mr Mandarin

Good Monday morning people! It’s raining & thundering cats & dogs here in the Windy City. I could also visualize raining good health, simple abundance and loads of freelance writing gigs:) and I’m loving the cool breeze coming through the windows in my computer room-glory! Anyhoo, this morning I wanted to touch upon “Rejections.” You know those little sucker punches we get from editors, publishers and decision makers in regards to our work. The ones who send those oftentimes uninspired, impersonal, “sorry, please try again next summer” sort of response that sucks:(

Back when I first started out on the freelance trail, I’d get discouraged whenever an rejection came via snail mail. I’d become so bombed out, I would literally toss the thing in a folder, vowing never to try “them” again. Not very smart of someone trying to make a name in the writing arena. But one learns through trial and error.  Rejections are just learning curves to achievement and your ultimate success.

Just yesterday, a friend who is working on her Doctorate in Nursing, sent me an email update with a sad face attached. An important position she was applying for & certaintly qualified for, rejected her! My friend indicated her disappointment, but as I read the letter, I saw that this prestigious group were offering her a free internship! Ithought she’d failed to recognize the benefit in that rejection and promptly told her so. She agreed and sent a response, thanking the people for their offer.

Rejection sucks in any form or, format! As Writers & Entrepreneurs, we have to look at the sidebars. In other works, read between the lines and see what that rejection is offering. Sometimes editors/publishers add tidbits of insights about your work that merits a second look. One Magazine editor sent me a letter of rejection some years ago. She also sent a letter of encouragement, informing me of my “gift” advising me to keep writing.

I suppose my thoughts on rejection are inclusive of writers thoughts in general…

 Enlighten me. What are your thoughts on Rejections? Clara54 is just askin’


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