Loss,Opportunity And A Poet Praise

The Giant Turnip
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 These last 2 weeks have been spent working offline like a demon in hell. Attempting to recover from personal setbacks and coming to grips with a longtime friends’ untimely death. There are moments where you want to say “stop the merry-go-round and let me off” But, then, there comes some feel good vibrations that arrives just in the nick of time, seemingly to say “it’s going to get better.” I want to thank Marquerite for her uncanny intuitiveness in taking time out from her life to send this fuzzy message about what I do when I fashion myself a poet!

Just this week, I received an invitation to be Guest Speaker in London in October for The Parent Practice Uk, Seminar on WOMEN AND BUSINESS IN THE 21ST CENTURY! An all expense-accomodations, including booking fee. I felt especially appreciated for my work in advocating for women, children and the elderly. Anyho, here’s the email that totally came @ the right moment for clara54!   

Hi, again Clara, 

Congratulations!  Your poems in Femme VIP are very moving. My favorite is  “Nobody Knows the South”,  and in that poem my favorite lines are:
 “A full mesh of turnip greens
catfish & crowder peas
Little girls playing hopscotch in hand-me-down dresses
Church on sundays
praying to a white jesus…
Another day passes & still
Nobody knows…”
I also really really like “I Spoke to God Last Night”  and totally get:
“But, where’s my knight?
anybody seen my sweet thing
in a coat of comfort armor?
Hey God, where’s my FAITH at?
I spoke to God last night
I’m just chillin’
waiting for his holler back!”

Way to go!



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