Poetry And Art From Marguerite Beck-Rex

Many Aspects of Patrise, 2009


That summer day, sitting in that rattan chair,

she was fully engaged in that conversation.

From left to right, she could seem quizzical

or reflective, straight-forward, doubtful

or understanding.

She could appear younger or older;

her hair, either short or shorter,

more or less curly, and pulled back or not,

depending upon the humidity.  It could glint

red or brown, depending upon the light.

As to why her dress color and her sleeve length changed,

and why she sometimes wore glasses, sometimes not,

those, and other questions, are for someone else to decipher.

Those of you who love great poetry & art, raise your hands! Or, simply visit Marguerite’s http://inkpaintwords.wordpress.com/

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