Sooo Excited!

Book Review
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I know, right?! This just couldn’t wait another day. I’m so excited to bring you guys the news and to thank all of the authors and their publishers who have kindly allowed me to review their Masterpieces (books) for my readers here at clara54! I know a mouthful, but, I just yesterday received another great anticipated read from the publishers & I will be bringing more  about that review shortly. HOWEVER!

I am a book review blogger & yet, it hasn’t really resonated with me over these five years, due to the fact that I love to read and share what I’ve read with others; you guys/gals. Same with movies, tv shows, etc. Anyhow, today Clara54 Weblog is proudly displaying her WordPress Book Blog Listing Badge because my work as a book blogger has been recognized by RANDOMIZE ME who publish & share information about WP Book Bloggers!

Okay, I gotta go apply a cool compress to my forehead now! Keep it here for more good stuff headed your way, ok?

9 thoughts on “Sooo Excited!”

  1. Congratulations on working your book writing purpose. Here’s a thought. Create a page on your site “Book Review” or “Clara’s Book Reviews” that lists the books you have reviewed and links to those reviews on your site. Wen you apply for gigs at national magazines, they can just stop by your site and check out that page. It will make it easier for you and them.

    Another thought, be sure to tag each review with “Book Review” and “Clara Freeman” so we can start finding you when searching book reviews. One last thing, create a “Book review” category on your site. This one is in “uncategorized.” You want all of your book reviews under that category.

    Continued success. I will have another book for you to review early 2011. 🙂


      1. Always a pleasure. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I’m looking to see you in a national publication soon! I mean…some publications 🙂


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