Book Review: The ABC’s of Blogging: Blogging Basics From A to Z

The ABC’s of Blogging ebook is presented in a simple to understand alphabet format. The book’s cover design in a lime green font and dark, bold lettering grabs your attention and just like in the movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise & Renee Zellweger? This book had me at the letter “A”. With respect to the ebooks author, friend and colleague, Marcie Hill, I wanted to make sure that as a book reviewer, I remained objective and fair in my critique of ABC’s of Blogging: Blogging Basics From A to Z:    
Marcie Hill got the idea for this ebook from a 24 hour blogathon sponsored by Blog2Print in 2010. According to Marcie, she completed the book in the 24 hours stipulated, but wasn’t published by the end of the year. However, today and in this year 2011, the books are available and out there for your blogging pleasure and resource. This ebook isn’t just for newbie bloggers. It’s for bloggers at every level.These are the basic tools to get started, stay the course and refresh old ideas in blogging. A blogger for nearly five years, I can certainly appreciate the back to blogging basics found in this 32 page ebook. I’m not going to review every letter/word/definition here, but, I’m going to tell you guys what resonated with me at this stage in my blogging career.
G. Google Analytics & Google Adsense: A few weeks into hosting my own blog for women, I’m in the process of researching advertising leads . This books tells you how Google Analytics measures your website traffic by tracking how many visitors came to your site; where they came from, the posts viewed and so forth, something many advertisers want to know. Google Adsense enables a website owner to display revelant Google ads and earn cash from popular advertising.
K. Keywords or tags are words and phrases people use to search for topics on search engines. According to the ebook, keywords,and categories, the C lettering in the book,  increases your blog search engine ranking.
P. Plug-ins and Podcasts. Plugins are used on self hosted sites to make them function the way you want (love those!)  Podcasts, I’m quite the newbie and the information the author provides will guide me along this journey that will be attempted at some point.
Q. Quality over Quantity- enough said!
X. Becoming an expert in blogging doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes work, dedication and a keen knowledge of your subject matter. At some point, according to the author, you will earn the title as “expert” where folks value your opinion & use you as a resource. Heck, according to the book, you might even becomes “famous!”
Y. YOU are a reflection of your blog in design,writing style, topic…
So where are you in your blogging career? 
Marcie L. Hill is an entrepreneur, journalist, blogger, live blogger and social media strategist. She is founder and president of The Write Design Company, which was recently nominated by WeBlackBlogAwards for their best Business Blog. She will be presenting at this years Blogging While Brown live blogging conference in California, in July. More of her work can be viewed at, and

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The ABC’s of Blogging: Blogging Basics From A to Z”

  1. I suppose I am somewhere in the middle, not an expert but not a newbie. I need to learn more about Plug ins, etc. Always something to learn – but I think this is a good thing. May have to check this book out. Thanks for the info!


  2. I’d place myself in the middle category as well…hmmm, not a bad place to be, present company included! Thanks for stopping by and yes, this will make a good resource for bloggers. Oh, but, I said that:)

    Have a great weekend…


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