Book Review: Patrates And The World Of Magical Creatures

Have you ever read a book from cover to cover and just never wanted it to end? You like it so much, you become disappointed when you’ve finished it? As a reader and writer of book reviews, I’m here to tell you, Patrates is a wonderous book of magic and folklore from Albert L. Z., a first time local author, who also did the book’s illustrations. When I first started to read the book, I had to go back to parts of the content’s definition page of creature clans, homelands, powerful leaders and evil doers, just to familiarize myself with all of the mystical names that I would come to know and recognize. Those strange names and characters helped to shape the most intergal part of the book’s story and weave a tale of a mystical reality in my reader’s mind.  
Tata is a young woman of immense beauty. She is not so much like the other members of her Manananggal Clan that lives in the woods of Patrates, her homeland. She is adventurous and longs for the day of her “Awakening Ceremony” where she will get her wings and secretly visit the human world. It is not enough for Tata to play games on the human who visit their soil to picnic and litter their grounds. The humans, she thinks, deserves to be taught a lesson.
Tata and her ghoul friend, Kudo, an ugly little creature that Tata’s family has forbidden her to see, set out to tease a group of young humans who have come to the forest. Three young men, no older than Tata. Kudo casts a spell on the unsuspecting boys, causing much merriment for the invisible pair.They are happy and protected from human eyes because of an invisibility spell that had been cast over Patrates for many thouands of years.The spell that the Kudo casts, seems to cause confusion upon the boys, save for one.The one called Andre, doesn’t seem to be affected by the attempts of Kudo ‘s magic!
Andre has a good life in his human world. Parents who love him, a bit strict on him, even though he is nearly a grownup.He has a curfew when he goes out with his friends. Still,Andre is happy and obedient to his parents. But, he’s concerned about the dreams. His mothers asks if he’s still having them. He tells her about the lady in white, reaching up to him in the wee hours of night, as if to say, “Come with me”
Andre is drawn to the forest. Tata gets her wings. One day she sets out on her own to test her wings around their homeland, venturing into the woods, where she hear screams. It is the Haedus, a precious & magical creature that lives every 100,000 years. She investigates the commotion and sees the creature trapped in a human device. That isn’t all. Tata sees the human, Andre being chased by the haedus owner, Agua Diwata, an evil and magical creature who captures Andre in her water bubble. What should Tata do? Expose herself to this human and perhaps put her own family in danger? Leave him to the evil Diwata’s revenge?
There’s the tease, dear readers! Patrates And The World Of Magical Creatures gets an Albert Ebert thumbs up for its adventure, believability, magical & mystical writer’s imagination!
To purchase a copy of Patrates And The World Of Magical Creatures by Albert L. Z., visit and
Clara54 was provided a complimentary copy of this book for review. No compensation was awarded. 

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Patrates And The World Of Magical Creatures”

  1. Intriguing review, Clara. This sounds like the sort of story my English students would love. I will ask our school librarian to order it. It is recommended for a specific age group?


    1. Hi Pat-

      Actually, there’s NO age limit. It’s a clean story. No sex, violence, or hate filled rhetoric. My 10 year old grand is reading it:)

      Best, Clara.


    2. Hello Pat,
      Thank you so much for the interest. And Clara is right, there is no age limit. If you like, I can offer you 1 copy for you to read and review, and if you get more interested with the plot (which I hope you will do) then it will be easier for you to decide to buy several copies for your English students 🙂


  2. I have read the book already. Bought it from too. I already have my favorite character, Andre. A must-read fantasy book. THumbs up!!


      1. Hi Clara,
        I’m glad that you offered your time graciously to review my book. It is beginning to change the face of my book 🙂


    1. Hello Theresa,
      Wow! I’m pleasantly surprised when you said that you already bought the book. I’m so grateful that you liked the story and even had a fave character. Thank you so much for the support. It means a lot to me.
      Albert 🙂


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