Another Creative “Fry” Day For Clara54!

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I know, somedays feel like a “fry’ day as opposed to a fierce writing day! But, this morning I’m going to share a brief summary of “whatcha doing clara54?”  for my readers since I’ve been missing in action-sort of. I managed to take a week’s sabbatical from writing  online so that I could concentrate on offline projects…It didn’t work out quite the way I’d envisioned it. You see the laptop kept calling my name and the computer in my reading room, beckoned from afar. I  got up every morning of that week to punch a clock at my day job. Came home (dragged myself, actually) only to open up my computer to read & respond to emails!

Some sabbatical huh? The good news? I again landed on the homepage of Blogher.Com/Life Well Lived. Got paid as contributing writer. Received confirmations and published “authentic stories” from women writers across the State who will be participating in my new self-hosted Authentic Woman Site! I’ve chosen the design colors & domain name … just waiting for the finishing touches. 

Recently, I received a positive response from a local Chicago Magazine on issues pertaining to aging for their Health Watch page. The article is on the ready for the green light from the magazine’s publisher. The interview with Chicago fashion designer Tennille White garnered a huge readership for my blogs and landed on the pages of  New York City Online Today. I was very happy about that. I’m thrilled beyond reason to report that all 3 of my blogs are doing well! It makes this writing stuff worthwhile.  So, as of today, fellow creativies, Clara54 is back in the saddle again. Riding the highs & lows of being a  nurse, freelance writer, celebrity, and book review blogger!

Okay fellow creatives, how’s your “Fry” day and “Whatcha Doing?”


4 thoughts on “Another Creative “Fry” Day For Clara54!”

  1. Hi Pat, Glad to hear from you! How’s the weather in Switzerland? You know we have to love it, right? Will be over to visit & live vicariously through you/r posts soon:)

    Best to one of the best!


  2. Well of course I will:) Hi Karen, thanks for visiting! Listen, wanted to tell ya how much I’m implementing helpful take-away values from your excellent book reviews.You R definitely “The cats meow of the book review!”



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