Grateful Readers, Renowned Speech, And a Secret as Well? Do Tell!

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Good morning everyone. I know it must be quite chilly outside with the rains and winds kicking up a ruckus! But, I’m inside and I’m warm, pumped up and raring to go. So, I’m posting a bit of end of the month meanderings. Still newsworthy stuff this morning and I’ll share a secret idea that’s been brewing for the last month or so. You’ll just have to read the whole post for that teaser:)

The month of February has been very interesting, to say the least. First off, I ended a  twitter posting gig with a friendly Realtor. I’m in the process of setting up my Celebrity/ Entertainment/ Gossip Blog over at . Made lucrative connections with several networking friends as far as Switzerland and landed my sites onto several well established blogrolls. I published at the women ezine and have become the blogger in waiting for membership amongst a group of savvy women entrepreneurs (it’s good to be nominated) 🙂 And assisted with a writing project @ request of a fellow writer.

Clara54 welcomed Sylvia Browder guest post which received nearly 100 reads so far and still counting. I was invited to guest post at her blog as well. A Screenwriter has committed to posting for your reading enjoyment soon and another post from Sylvia is on the ready. I made the homepage at BlogHer for the third time and recently did a virtual tour of their new site with one of their editors…those taking the tour were sworn to secrecy and asked not to show the new images so I won’t.

The Sojourner Truth Speech, “Ain’t I A Woman?” republished at my motivational blog for women was a winner for the month of February, pulling in over 200 readers! Among them a networking friend & Radio personality ,who offered gratitude for my posting the speech because she admitted to not having ever read this historical speech by the former slave and activist for women rights! visit to read Ain’t I A Woman? It’s been an awesome month and I’m grateful to have reached a lot of readers & made many wonderful blogosphere connections!

Now the Secret: By no means am I a woman of adventure. I am, however,a lover of beauty, nature, serenity, tranquility and daring spirit, who is willing to try a thing once. I’m also a sentimental fool. Remember Geraldine Page in A Trip To Bountiful? Well, I’m headed in that direction, sorta. I’ve been back to my birth home many times. I haven’t been out of the country, once… I’m planning to embark upon a Blogging  journey to Tuscany, Italy by Summer’s end, or, early Autumn!  The research for affordable abodes have begun. My Switzerland friend have offered to give me traveling tips and I’ve put out the 411 in a search of Sponsors to help lighten the pricey load!

Any helpful suggestions/advice feel free to send my way? A Black woman, who doesn’t know the language. YIKES!!

Got a secret as well? Do tell…


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