Book Review-Out From The Depths Of Pain

“Nearly 74% of Americans personally know someone who is, or has been a victim of Domestic Violence”-Allstate Foundation National Poll on Domestic Violence,2006, Liberman Research Inc.

Initially, Leah thought David, a kind and considerate man. He was an upstanding Senator in the community, well known & liked. All of her friends assumed they’d make the perfect couple, well, nearly all. Tamar, Leah’s best friend, had her doubts. The two married 2 years after meeting as volunteers at Habitat For Humanity.
Leah’s aunt whispers “You’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life.” On the honeymoon, Leah was beaten and made to sleep nearly naked on the floor of their glorious suite,while David Lee slept soundly underneath 500 thread Egyptian sheets…

What’s to become of Leah? How can she protect her child? How can she keep her family from finding out? Chrisean Meyer is a police officer. He’s seen it all before- his sister was a victim of domestic abuse. Will Chrisean be able to show Leah a different kind of love? Will she even allow him into her life?

Out From The Depths Of Pain is a work of fiction that deals with everyday situations, while exploring romantic and responsible Christian relationships. It’s a book well worth the read…

To learn more about Yvonne Miles Levert and to purhase a copy of Out From The Depths Of Pain,visit and

This book was sent by the author to clara54 for review. No profit was made from this review…


3 thoughts on “Book Review-Out From The Depths Of Pain”

  1. Hi Clara:

    Thank you for reviewing my book, Out From the Depths of Pain! I love the way you worded the review of my book. There is so much else going on in my book like; the ‘Pay it Forward,’ movement, Female Circumcision, A child’s witness of an angel saving him after he died, the camaraderie between male cousins and female friends, and finally God’s healing power. I think people see the domestic violence aspect so strongly (for lack of a better word) because Leah, the main character, experiences such pain at the hands of David her husband. After the fear of the night, Leah also experiences the dawn of a new day in the type of relationship many women want; an understanding, Christian man who really loves and is dedicated to her. Don’t forget to purchase this inspiring book at


    1. Yvonne, thank you for letting me review Out From The Depths Of Pain for my readers. I loved the book and hope you have much success via all avenues in Christain & Secular genres!



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