Monday’s Book Review, High-Fives, And Herbal Teas

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Rough day today people! But, tonight, I’m reclining on my sofa with my trusted lapstop… & the hat I’ve been wearing for  days now? Removed and replaced by comfy pillows & a warm cup of herbal strawberry hibiscus tea. I can almost feel my feet again…Almost. Because I’m juggling a “day” job and posting on my 3rd blog, I will set aside Mondays for fresh content at each site. If you haven’t visited Clara54’s T Blog,  you must finish this post and head right over!

On Monday I’ll be reviewing a book by Yvonne Levert, a writer from Ohio. Yvonne has penned her first Christian Romance story with a surprising twist. I found it to be well worth the read. I’m still debating if this will be a 2 part series for my readers to get to know Yvonne better…

A few congratulatory high-fives going out to my writing compadres:

Marcie Hill for winning 1st place for both of her prosposals submitted to the Blogging While Brown Conference in Los Angeles, California. Marcie could chose only one of her wins so she will be presenting “Live Blogging 101” in July. To congratulate Marcie, visit one of her sites @

My romance writing pal from California actually held a press release for his new ebook in December! Okay, Mark Anthony Hall, better late than never, because it’s all gravy:) Mark’s new release is called LOOKING FOR BARRY-THE 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! For highlights go to

I got a bit of good news this week from Karen, one of the editors over at blogher. My Monday’s post, Oprah’s Family Secrets, written after watching The Oprah Winfrey Show introducing the world to her half sister, Patricia, was placed on their homepage & promoted via their Twitter and Facebook pages. At last viewing, the post had garnered over 600 views…Visit to read it.

Okay, what’s going on in your writer’s world? Spill & I’ll tell it to all the right people:)

P.S. Don’t forget to stop by on Monday to read my book review from first time Author, Yvonne Levert.


4 thoughts on “Monday’s Book Review, High-Fives, And Herbal Teas”

  1. Congrats on your success! And to your friends as well. 🙂

    Taking off a few hats this weekend too. Now to decide what kind of tea to have with it. I have brownies here if you need one to go with your tea…

    Happy weekend,


    1. With extra fudge please, Yummy:) Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. I have tried to post at your site several times to say thanks to you & Susan for a great guest post on time management…those inspiring tips from Susan were spot on!

      Have a great week-end & save some brownies for me:)


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