Freelance Writer,The Bears, Green Bay Packers & A Cake Breathing Fire!

Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears footb...
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A fire breathing Bear Cake! Yep, everytime the Bears score a touchdown at Soldier Field this Sunday, the bear cake will breathe chocolate fire…Chicago Bear fans can check this phenomena out at Wicker Park, North where no doubt a lots of folks will be gathering to watch the playoffs between The Chicago Bears & The Green Bay Packers

But,why should I care about football? I mean, really? It never fails to amaze me during football season how co-workers, family and friends plan these all out football parties where it’s all about beer, pizza, big screen tvs and football. Suffice it to say, I’ve turned down a few of these invites because when it comes to sports, if it’s not Venus & Serena playing doubles or a Tiger Woods standing somewhere on the green (only lately became a spectator) I suppose it’s all Greek to me.

I’m a writer, after all, so I suppose there are benefits to being a football fanatic. I could write about the down & dirty behaviours of opposing fans.The cheers, moans and groans when a tackle is fouled, or when a touchdown garnered by a player for, say, Green Bay occurs. I could always quote Chicago Bear’s Coach, Lovie Smith saying in an interview how he’s ” feeling good about their game plan.” To be fair, I’d also report the quarterback for The Green Bay Packers saying “There’s nothing they (Bears) can show us that we haven’t seen and there’s nothing that we (Packers) can show them that they haven’t seen.”

I rest my case… Okay for the sake of diplomacy and because I’m living/working among die hard Bear fans? “Go Bears!” On second thought, maybe I should become a sports writer…

How about you writers out there? You got game?


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