Freelance Barter Art: Why there’s no shame in the game…

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Bartering for services is definitely not a new thing. Vendors in foreign countries apply this savvy technique whenever tourists arrive for their vacation & business destinations. Since the economy ‘s downslide, folks have been using their skills to make deals. Bartering is an art , in and of itself. Defined by Wikipedia as goods or services exchanged for other good or services without using currency; the favored medium of exchange, this medium of doing business as usual won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Just like mom’s apple pie, bartering can be sweet, sweet, sweet.

Recently, I encountered a chance to flex my bartering muscles, even though, I’d never had experience in actually participating in a 1 on 1 barter session. The intent was to enjoy a special day in my life without having to break the bank. The venue offered fine dining and great customer ammenities. When my party & I arrived at the concierge’s desk I turned on the charm , elder wisdom and infectious delight…it garnered a complimentary meal, free tickets to an upcoming concert and added a boost to my bartering confidence…

I’d hastened to add that bartering is not for everyone. Even some freelancers frown upon the idea of exchanging services for something other than the almighty dollar and who can blame them? Entrepreneurs work hard for their money. But,using your skills in freelance  barter can land that great web design you’d been hankering for. It can tighten up that “about me” page on your website in exchange for installing that computur software no one in your immediate circle knows zilch about. Bartering can also land the gig of a lifetime for a newbie in the freelance writer’s circle via that bodacious CV penned by a savvy business acquaintance, in exchange for, who knows, the recipe to grandma’s potato salad!

The point is, bartering is here to stay. In whatever capacity one chooses to use this exchange, I’m giving it a Martha Stewart’s “that’s a good thing!”  So how about it freelancers? Have your bartered for services? And if not, why not?


6 thoughts on “Freelance Barter Art: Why there’s no shame in the game…”

  1. I am in total agreement with you regarding bartering! It could gross the big one for you, something you thought you’d never be able to afford, or net the next step in your plan of action. I wouldn’t underestimate it at all. Overseas people are saavy, but not only that, they are not afraid of how they would ‘look’ to someone else where bartering is concerned.


  2. I agree. It is a wonderful option. I’ve written several articles in exchange for ad space (and saw good results from the ad), and have tutored a 7th grader in exchange for draperies. 🙂 I’d have loved to see you turn on the charm!


    1. Karen, you’re such a pro 🙂 actually I rather enjoyed the exchange, surprised myself. I think I’ll barter for a website with my name on it, next! Any takers?



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