Benefiting From Posts With “Staying Power”

Image by Vivanista1 via Flickr

Bloggers are given a radar to the popularity of their posts by stats, views and comments. But, because we’re writing in a fast paced & oftentimes, timed arena for posting, we’re not as intuned to how we’re reaching our readers over the long haul. For example, arcticles & posts I’d written at the start of my blogs nearly 2 years back, have apparently been noted by ” blog notables” to have “staying power” as in folks are still reading the old works at a comparatively greater growth than some of my newer posts. Of course, I’ve come across several articles written some time ago to see a high number of views, without thinking too much about it, other than ok, that was a good one:)

As freelance writers & bloggers, we sometimes might look for ways to craft, or reslant a piece for more exposure and profit making endeavors, but, who knew? This recent information caused me to rethink how I approach future writing opportunities. I started revisiting some of my first blog attempts to find interesting and relatable data, one of which I refurbished recently and received the green light from an editor, along with a request to send the test column idea I’d proposed in a query…  

Revisiting works with staying power might not have occurred to me if I hadn’t been advised to look back for a second to reexamine what I’ve already put out there. More importantly, I might not have landed the prelude to a great gig in the first week of the New Year 2011! Speaking on the New Year:)

It’s been a hectic first week that’s for sure. Entertaining out of towners,capturing grandma moments, working a day job and trying to sort/ eliminate/save in order of importance/ too many emails hasn’t done much for my energy level lately, but, clara54 is off to a great start…

I think it’s going to be a very interesting blogging year!

Are you utilizing your posts with the most staying power? 


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