Beyond keywords ~ Successful SEO copywriting tips for new web writers

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Good SEO copy is all about balance. Learning how to write search copy that reaches and engages web users takes both time and lots and lots of practice. In other words, good SEO copywriting takes hard work. Ah, but there is good news. And that is your SEO copy can have you climbing the search engine ranks faster if you follow these best practices.

1.      Write for humans, not search engines. Remember people make purchases, not search engines.

2.     Give each web page powerful titles.

3.     Repeat title keywords in your opening sentence.

4.     Ensure your web page body copy contains keyword synonyms (Avoid generic or vague terms, opt for descriptive keywords instead).

5.     Keep your writing focused on a specific topic.

6.     Tell readers what action steps you want them to take then create a link out of those steps to direct web traffic to your landing page. “Click here” is a vague word phrase so don’t use it.

7.     Explain your offer as it regards to benefits.

8.     Create great landing pages. Individual landing pages can be written for segmented audiences which helps increase conversion rates. See Copyblogger’s Landing Page Tutorials for how-to info.

9.     Use unique Meta descriptions and Meta titles for each web page. Learn more about Meta tags here.

10.  Use social media sites to help you pick what keywords are being used in online discussions and reviews.

11.   Don’t keyword stuff—that is repeating the same keywords, placing too many keywords in your Meta tags and web page content.

12.  Include an FAQ page or a site map on your web page. If it makes sense, do both.

13.  Use keywords to create internal links.

14.  Put keywords in your domain name.

15.  Get sites with credible and related content to link to your website.

16.  Name image files with keywords for example, picture-of-dog-sweater.jpg.

I realize these SEO best practices might come across rigid and can result in dry copy. That’s why I believe you should decide whether you want to take the time to learn the ins and outs of search copy yourself or outsource your SEO writing job to someone with more experience. If you do decide to take on the task yourself, you will have oodles and oodles of online resources to help you gain a deeper understanding. The ones I favor are:

Sonya Carmichael Jones is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in SEO and direct response copy, plus email marketing.


10 thoughts on “Beyond keywords ~ Successful SEO copywriting tips for new web writers”

  1. Hi Marcie,
    I totally agree. I was fortunate enough to take a Marketing Class at Sonya’s marketingbuddha for writers workshop some time ago and found her to be a personable & hands on instructor with impressive credentials…

    Thanks for stopping by.


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