Clara54’s “Whatcha Doing!” From Colleague Mark Anthony Hall

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Image by DavidErickson via Flickr

Let’s see,

in 2009 I published a book titled, “Human Solitaire – The Dirty, Dangerous & Deadly Game of Internet Dating.”

in 2010, I published a book titled, “Secret Romantic Memos & Private Love Letters – Straight From The Heart.”

For 2011, I will be releasing a book about President Barack Obama that is sure to rattle the literary world. It will give a unique insigt never seen or never told. Needless to say, I am very excited about this project.

Clara, I’m glad to see that you are still making efforts to enhance the worls through your own efforts. Stay strong and keep writing.

Sincerely and with love. Your friend,

Mark Anthony Hall

Thanks to my friend and former Chicagoan, Mark Anthony Hall for answering clara54’s shout out to “Whatcha doing?!” for my readers update. Trust me, there will be a series of such responses, along with touching sentiments from friends and creatives in the biz of writing down their authentic bones this Holiday season…Peace and blessing to you all and thanks for all you do! 

P. S. If you’d like to become a part of my Whatcha Doing Series this month, hit me up with a response here, DM via twitter or email me directly!


2 thoughts on “Clara54’s “Whatcha Doing!” From Colleague Mark Anthony Hall”

  1. Love this idea! It’s fun, informative, and just downright creative. I knew you were a creative genius when I first met you. 🙂 No seriously, Clara, your creativity is contagious. So glad we met through blogging.


  2. I kinda think folks got tired of my asking “what ya up to?” or “what ya working on?” in real life so they started to avoid me like last year flu symptoms! But, no worries…

    So Karen, “Whatcha Doing?!” 🙂


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