Important Update On Bullying And Workplace Abuse…

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Wish I could give you a better report about the “Abusive Work Environments Act” potential to pass in Illinois this session.  Unfortunately, this bill is still stuck in the Rules Committee for both our Senate and our House of Representatives.  Same goes for the similar bills in New York and Wisconsin.  All of this was done by Democratically-controlled lower house labor committees in all three states.  This was due to their parties’ likely fear of this past midterm election in 2010.

 Those of us who lead this important labor movement can only surmise legislative fear of the big money that goes to Republican legislators from the special interest, lobbying organization, the US Chamber of Commerce and its branches in all states 18 states where our bill has been introduced.  You see, the mighty, all-powerful Chamber has labeled our effort to be a “job-killer!”  We can very effectively argue that this law would save jobs, not kill them!  Of course, we argue for individual workers, even when targets of workplace bullying are the bosses themselves.  The Chamber at present is dominated by large corporations, while they are running the Great American Small Businesses out of the marketplace! 

By most definitions, small businesses employ 300 or fewer workers.  This is where the middle class used to work.  Unfortunately, 1)”Mom and Pop” stores are driven out by “big box” stores, such as Walmart, which buys merchandise offshore.  2) The service sector jobs are being shipped offshore to foreign offices.  3) Manufacturing jobs are cheaper offshore, too.  Manufacturing workers in many other countries can live for less. Their countries have cheaper, nationalized healthcare, with better patient outcomes than in the US.  Global trade agreements protect their jobs. 

The Chamber of Commerce can now accept and give lobbying money from anyone in the world and hand it out to any politician.  The Supreme Court’s recent decision called, “Citizens Utilities v. Federal Election Commission” (January 2010) allows unlimited funds to go to politicians without those funds easily being traced in a timely manner by voters and the media.  Because the “fair and balanced” media died under a Reagan veto, we have little way to follow the money effectively.  Voters are duped.  The politicians often sell out.  They fear supporting the “little guys,” whether they are small businesses or individual American workers.  Today only 2% of us are “big guys” anymore.  The United States has evolved into a plutocracy, or government by the wealthy few.  It will take new federal law to right this wrong.

Until a fairer day, we will persevere with the anti-workplace bullying bill’s citizen lobbying by real Americans who are genuinely united citizens.

Illinois sponsor, Representative Eddie Washington, died last June at age 56.  We hoped Representative Howard would run with this cause.  That did not happen this term.  We are hoping against all odds that this or another brave legislator will accept this mission next session.

In the meantime, we are sadly helped by dying children killed by bullying behaviors.  We are trying to teach other adults that these behaviors do not stop when the bullies exit the schoolhouse door.  Bullies take this immorality into the workforce and then home to their abused families. The circle of madness rolls on, while we Americans pretend it does not exist and is not harmful.


 Carrie Clark, Healthy Workplace Advocates

Clara54 would like to thank Carrie for her insider knowledge and  long stamding expertise dealing with the issue of workplace abuse. What do you think about what’s happening within our governmental system and the obvious lack of interest in dealing with this growing bullying in schools and workplace scenario?



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