Saturday Muse Poem

Image by Ben Tilley via Flickr

Laying my burdens down on this day



A child is born; another

will scream out from abuse.

A daughter is burying her father

 a mother

suffers the loss of

her child…

On this day,


 A mom lay dying

An elder gives up the ghost.

Within the changing cycle; echoes

rhythms of life

One might wonder:

Where do I stand?

How will I be perceived standing at the foot

of my Lord & Savior?

Have I done enough?

Spoke out enough?
Praised him enough?
Sowed enough compassion Seeds?

How will my report card read?

When the song comes…

“Gonna lay down my burdens…down by the riverside…down by the riverside”

It’s a Saturday

On this day

for those who might wonder,

I offer you my praise poem!

For he knows from whence
we come
and for whose we

Blessing & peace to my readers… clara54


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